Ring Size Chart

ring size chartThe most accurate way to determine your ring size is with a set of ring size gauges commonly found in most retail jewelry stores. An alternative method is to utilize the U.S. Ring Size Chart at the left.

To utilize the U.S. Ring Size Chart you will need the following items; 1. Pencil or marker, 2. Metric Ruler, 3. String (about 4″ long) or 1/4″ wide strip of paper about 4″ long.

Wrap the piece of string or 1/4 inch wide piece of paper around either your finger, or the inside circumference a ring that you can easily take on and off. Do not wrap the string or paper tightly, it should be snug, but should still come off without difficulty. If your knuckle is wider than your finger, measure both your finger and your knuckle using this method and average the two measurements.

Mark the paper or string where it overlaps and then measure the length of the string in millimeters. Find this length in the right hand column of the chart and the corresponding ring size is opposite it in the left hand column.

Finding your ring size by measuring the string or paper length in inches is not as accurate as using the metric scale and you may need to have the ring resized after purchase.

This ring size chart was designed for commonly used ring sizes in the United States and should not be used for determining ring sizes commonly used in other countries.