Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

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This is always a good choice in a shape… they are very optically efficient because the angles of the facets can be consistently set all the way around the diamond. This diamond shape never goes out of fashion like some of the other diamond fancy shapes.

“Well cut” Round Brilliant Cut diamonds, with a lot of light being returned back to your eyes can mask low Clarity and Color. With other diamond shapes, a lower grade of the Clarity and/or Color will be more obvious because they are not as optically efficient as Round Brilliant Cut diamonds.

Because Round Brilliant Cut diamonds are such a popular shape, most jewelers will have a big selection on hand and the pricing can be very competitive. This is the easiest diamond shape to shop for if you are looking to buy online.

You will sometimes hear a diamond being referred to as a “full cut” diamond, this refers to the number of facets on Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. A diamond starts out as a “single cut” diamond as it’s being made…. at this primary stage of the cutting process, the diamond cutter will set the angles of the 8 crown facets and 8 pavilion facets, giving you a total of 17 to 18 facets vs. the 57 to 58 facets of the full cut diamonds.

You can commonly see single cut diamond as the small side stones in a ring, a pendant, a watch, etc. Small diamonds, 1 or 2 “pointers” (a diamond carat weight of 0.01 or 0.02ct.) look good as single cut diamonds because they will have bigger flashes of light produced by their larger sized facets.

The diamond cutter will add an additional 40 facets to make it a full cut diamond. As the diamond becomes larger it should have more facets in relation to its size…. a 1.00ct. would look very strange as a single cut diamond! Please don’t feel “cheated” if your small diamonds are not full cut diamonds and don’t be fooled by a salesperson who states that their diamond is “fully cut”…. if you hear that it’s a good sign that you are dealing with somebody who doesn’t know what they are talking about!

There are some diamond faceting styles that will have additional facets in excess of the 57 to 58 facets of a full cut diamond to add even more sparkle to larger diamonds…. having as many as 108 facets vs. the 57 – 58 facets on a full cut diamond.

– Important Take Away Points –

The term “Ideal Cut” has gotten a bit overused in the past 20 years…. there really isn’t one universally accepted Ideal Cut – Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. The key elements that you need to look for are covered in Diamond Cut and also in Diamond Grading Reports.

If it all gets a bit too technical, you’d be able to put your “trust” into a diamond grading report from GIA or AGS to help you with the Cut aspect of your decision.