Walkthrough in Diamond Ring Selection

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The setting is the part of the ring that holds your precious diamond in place and comes in four styles.

The Prong or Claw Setting is the most common setting for solitaire diamonds because this shows your diamond off to it’s fullest  and allows the most light through it.

The Bezel setting is when your diamond is surrounded by the platinum. This makes the setting extremely durable while also making your diamond appear larger.

The Pave setting is when your ring has smaller diamonds surrounding it, enhancing the overall ‘glow’ of your ring.

The Tension setting is the modern version of the prong. Your diamond is literally suspended between the two sides of the platinum.

Now for the exciting part – choosing your diamond.

There are four things that you need to take into consideration when choosing your diamond.

The Cut – Describes the finish, proportion and polish of the diamond. These factors determine the fire and brilliance of a diamond.

The Clarity – This is how clear or ‘pure’ a diamond is. This is graded from F to I with F meaning that the diamond is flawless. There are many grades in between with some diamond buyers opting to buy lower graded diamonds as long as the flaws are not visible to the naked eye.

The Color – Diamonds can vary in color from white to yellow and receive a grade for this. Most buyers prefer colorless or near colorless diamonds. If you aim for a diamond with a J, K or L grade then you will have a stunning diamond that does not cost the earth.

The Carat – Carat is the weight of the diamond, one carat equals .20 grams. In a nutshell, the more carats your diamond is, the more expensive it will be.

Often the most difficult part of shopping for platinum and diamond wedding ring sets is traveling from store to store in search of the right set. Fortunately, the internet has revolutionized jewelry buying by putting entire stores online. You can even preview how your platinum and diamond wedding ring sets will look thanks to amazing 3-D technology.

Going to a site like JamesAllen.com, you can literally choose your setting, choose your diamond, see what it will look like in 3-D and place your order. You already know that the quality and the workmanship will be impeccable.